Thursday, October 30, 2008

If you are my fairy godmother

Feel free to buy me this living room set. BEAUTIFUL. (potential sugardaddys are also welcome, I don't want to discriminate based on gender). Modern, vintage, green, teak. Drooling...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Couples Party

I LOVE my sister Mary's response to the need for a couple's Halloween costume. The execution is so great!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I've been waiting to post this until Jordan did... it's her husband Paul's polaroids set to music by Jordan's brother. It's beautiful. Watch with the sound ON.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wrap it Up

I used to think I wasn't a scarf person, but ones like this by Martin Lemothe make me seriously reconsider. Pricey, but beautiful-- if you can find an economical version, I'll send you a prize.

*found via Oh Joy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Please Register to Vote

I've never care about politics until now. This is the most important election of our generation. Please rock it. Today is the last day. Go here.

Weekend Report

Spent part of the weekend in Sacramento with Rachel of Darlybird (or rather Darlybird is of her) engaging in a little R&D with vintage flowers and cabachons. One result was the brooch on this hat (thanks chi!).
We also hit some thrift stores where I completed my Pyrex collection (amish butterprint what woot). We also found the BEST EVER tag. It was on a pair of little boys pants. WOW.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh Girl!

Can't get this song outa my head. Use it to power through the rest of your Friday.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Helmet Head

Ever since knocking my two front teeth out riding a bike as a kid, I've worn bike helmets religiously (and you should too!). These covers from Yakkay are adorable. Finally stylish head gear for bikers! Working on getting a US source.. I'll keep you posted.
*found via Frolic

Becoming Sarah Palin

Normally this blog is all about pretty things and people. But, given the importance of the upcoming election, I hope you'll indulge me. This article from Slate on Sarah Palin's speech (found via D.Sharp) is very interesting-- remember diagramming sentences in jr. high English?
On a more serious note, I do think that it is imporant to really know what's going on in this campaign. I recommend this article (and the New Yorker in general) for the thoroughness of its research on the facts. Every news outlet has some bias, but ones with a lot of fact checking are better.

If you are a US citizen and haven't registered to vote. Please do so NOW.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Miss Roboto

I LOVE this old robot costume! from here via here

So Lucky

Growing up I moved around a lot. All over the world, and often. I always wondered what it would be like to have the same best friend K-12. The result of this is that I'm sorta like human saran wrap-- once we become friends, I'm difficult to shake-- no matter how many time zones are between us. I'm blessed to call many of the most talented, creative, kind, nurturing, fun, good, happy, caring, hard working, and amazing people I know friends. I'm incredibly grateful to have all of you in my life. One day I'll win the lottery and we can all move to the same city and let our kids grow up being best friends K-12. Thanks everyone for all the nice and awesome things you constantly do for me!
*image from Martha Stewart

Monday, October 13, 2008

Beginning to Feel

A lot like Autumn.. which in my book means Hot Chocolate Season. This mug and saucer are perfect for a warm cup of chocolate and a little treat.
**found via Frolic

Mean Mondays Music

If you live in SF these guys are playing at Popscene on Thursday night. Basically the Rumble Strips are my new favorite band, so give them a listen.

Friday, October 10, 2008


These baby shoes are so sweet. Why am I thinking about these you ask? Well, because in the last week 6 (6!!) friends have told me they are pregnant. I'm a tad fuzzy on the details, but apparently if you want to have a baby all you have to do is spend some quality time with me.... and have unprotected sex....

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Red, Red, Red

For Amanda's bday, decided to stick with a theme of her favorite color. I liked the results, and so did she ;)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Twoo Lub

Something mushy going on on this Tuesday. But I just now found this adorable animation on Stephanie's blog, and I've always loved this song. So melancholy... but hopeful. If you've never seen the Devil and Daniel Johnston, watch it this weekend.

Better Off Dead

Claire turned me on to this site. I can't stop reading it-- not sure what that means. Some of them are bitter, some sweet, bittersweet, angry, mean, funny. Love. it messes with everyone, apparently. Get ready to waste some time.
A few choice words from the site (where you can anonymously send a message to an old love):


Even though we broke up seven years ago, I still rate the way I feel about someone new on a scale that goes from Zero to You.


You were the first and only person I wanted to talk to when I heard about David Foster Wallace.

** this is my (emily) favorite


I should have given you my letter jacket senior year.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Sigur Ros @ the Greek

I wrote about it here. But really happy with how some of these pictures turned out.... most are by me, a few by Adam F. who was nice enough to let me use his fancy pants camera. Iceland! The show was seriously magical.. and the rain didn't fall until the end of the encore. You really do need to listen to them now. You can see more (I took a billion but who knows when they'll make it up) here.

Seeing The Light

Even though I pretty much hate the guts of American Apparel, I have to say that this is pretty great. Vintage sunglasses-- souped up, ready to go. Buy online or at their stores. One of a kind and very very pretty.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

My So Called Life

I maybe slightly shameless, and in this case soaking wet. But that's Jared Leto! And me!

Friday, October 03, 2008


Homophily is basically the idea that we like people or things that are like us-- you know birds of the feather flock together etc. During a recent concert expedition we had a chance to do a little sociological research as we played "are you my (part-time) boyfriend?" with Kristen. She was wearing this American Apparel sweatshirt, and so was every eligible guy at the show. The game goes like this-- she approaches but doesn't actually make contact with them, while us social scientists fought to get a photo that captured their love. Please vote for who should be promoted to full-time boyfriend status in the comments.

The team:
Rebecca went to especially great lengths to capture the glamour shots.

Bachelor #1
Bachelor #2
Bachelor #3
Bachelor #4

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Gleaming the Cube

No, not the best movie ever made, what'sup Christian Slater? But man, Keith's Rubik's Cube collection is the best nerd eye candy ever. Keith, btw, is married to the equally genius Lindy who snapped this picture. Though, I'm pretty sure the rubric was made by Keith.Back Row: K-Ball (white), K-Ball (yellow), IQ 139 Puck, Impossiball, Rubik’s World, Rubik’s Brain Racker, Spherical “Cube,” Hungarian Rings, Rubik’s UFO

5th Row: Pyraminx Crystal (white), Pyraminx Crystal (black), Skewb Ultimate, Megaminx, Meffert’s Megaminx, Rainbow Cube, Cuboctahedron, V-Cube 7x7x7, V-Cube 5x5x5, Pyraminx

4th Row: Shepherd’s Cube, Square-1 (black), Square-1 (transparent), Super Square-1 (black), Super Square-1 (white), Rubik’s Professor, Eastsheen 5x5x5, Eastsheen 4x4x4, Rubik’s Revenge (scrambled), Rubik’s Revenge, Rubik’s Revenge (chrome stickers)

3rd Row: DIY Cube (black), Magic Cube (green), Dian Sheng Cube (white), Dian Sheng Cube (white), DIY Cube (transparent), DIY Cube (white), DIY Cube (transparent blue), DIY Cube (transparent green), DIY Cube (transparent w/ transparent stickers), Rubik’s Icon

2nd Row: MOMA Cube, Rubik’s Cube, Japanese Calendar Cube, 4-color Cube, DIY Cube (green), DIY Cube (pink), MC Escher 15-Puzzle

Front Row: Zauber Turm, mini-2x2x2, Rubik’s Pocket Cube, Eastsheen 2x2x2, Rubik’s Ice Cube, Rubik’s Snake

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Keep the Old

Old friends are the best, especially when they bring a new friend to the world. Behold the beautiful baby June, whose parents I was extra lucky to see last week!
p.s. make sure to check out Liz's awesome design and Ben's rad carvings

Ah, shucks

Jordan and Juliann used some of my things to style a photo shoot. I love how their pix turned out. That's my hat, necklace and earrings-- now if only I could make them look so good.