Monday, February 21, 2011

What the Picture Says

I am constantly amazed at how awesome my friends are. Thank you for coming to visit, for sending amazing surprise packages, phone calls, awesome emails with important facts, good music tips, giving great advice, and being the most awesome-est group of people anywhere ever. xo

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Sweet Love

I really like Valentines Day-- mainly because there's so many people I love in this world, and it's always nice to get to tell them so. A few things that I'm especially loving today:

Heart Shaped Boiled Egg (all natural!!) from Anna the Red

Heart Shaped Umbrella (found via fieldguided)

My Roomy sent me these-- so cute!

I love this. So. Much.

This book is amazing. Olivia gave me a copy a few years back, and I treasure it. Make sure to read this story by Mark Twain. The line " Wheresoever she was, THERE was Eden" gets me every time.

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

My heart BEETS only for you. You know who you are.
Also, I find safety gear and technology incredibly sexy. Don't you?
Happy Valentine's Day. I love you all

Good Old Fashion Friendraising

Lane gave me the idea of having a friend-raiser after the move to Seattle. Valentine's making turned out to be the perfect occasion. We made pretty things and ate pretty things. But only if they were red, white, or pink.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

"you're 16, and you're no e.e.cummings"

I can't remember who exactly said this-- maybe Chi? When we were in high school in response to some pretentious attempt by someone (not me) at poetry writing. It's always stuck with me. As has my love for e.e. cummings. I grew up with my dad reading me "in just" every spring. I love, LOVE, this poem Angela posted. And hey, it's valentine's.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

sappy february

Love this video (it's an ad, but still.) and especially the song by Soko. Actually, it's a pretty anti-sappy song. But still sweet.

via oh joy!