Thursday, October 02, 2008

Gleaming the Cube

No, not the best movie ever made, what'sup Christian Slater? But man, Keith's Rubik's Cube collection is the best nerd eye candy ever. Keith, btw, is married to the equally genius Lindy who snapped this picture. Though, I'm pretty sure the rubric was made by Keith.Back Row: K-Ball (white), K-Ball (yellow), IQ 139 Puck, Impossiball, Rubik’s World, Rubik’s Brain Racker, Spherical “Cube,” Hungarian Rings, Rubik’s UFO

5th Row: Pyraminx Crystal (white), Pyraminx Crystal (black), Skewb Ultimate, Megaminx, Meffert’s Megaminx, Rainbow Cube, Cuboctahedron, V-Cube 7x7x7, V-Cube 5x5x5, Pyraminx

4th Row: Shepherd’s Cube, Square-1 (black), Square-1 (transparent), Super Square-1 (black), Super Square-1 (white), Rubik’s Professor, Eastsheen 5x5x5, Eastsheen 4x4x4, Rubik’s Revenge (scrambled), Rubik’s Revenge, Rubik’s Revenge (chrome stickers)

3rd Row: DIY Cube (black), Magic Cube (green), Dian Sheng Cube (white), Dian Sheng Cube (white), DIY Cube (transparent), DIY Cube (white), DIY Cube (transparent blue), DIY Cube (transparent green), DIY Cube (transparent w/ transparent stickers), Rubik’s Icon

2nd Row: MOMA Cube, Rubik’s Cube, Japanese Calendar Cube, 4-color Cube, DIY Cube (green), DIY Cube (pink), MC Escher 15-Puzzle

Front Row: Zauber Turm, mini-2x2x2, Rubik’s Pocket Cube, Eastsheen 2x2x2, Rubik’s Ice Cube, Rubik’s Snake

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