Thursday, November 29, 2007

Swap Update

Over 90 of you (strangers, loved ones, all!) should have received your swap assignments from me.. I sent them out a week ago. But, since it was a manual process, there have been a few errors. If you didn't receive an assignment, please let me know, and I'll dig yours up.

Also, please ship your assignment by Monday at latest (that's a few extra days). I'll try to post some of the excellent gift ideas over the weekend, to aid in you holiday shopping. Finally, look for a flickr group to posts pix of your swap packages in soon.

Check it out!

My former roommate and dear friend Katie Brown (now DuRocher) is in this month's Real Simple Magazine. They have a full page on her conversion to Mormonism. I think she does a great job describing an extremely personal process. Katie's always been an inspiration in so many ways-- glad that the rest of the world gets to know her too.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Swappity - Swap

Due to all the interest I'm extending the deadline to sign up for 1 day (that's right folks, 1 day only). So you have through SUNDAY the 19th of November to send me an email with all the details for the swap (scroll down if if you need them).

Also, I wanted to clarify that $30 limit per package is a max. You DO NOT have to spend that much. Please make your package something you would be happy to be receiving-- if you're crafty or thrifty, so much the better. Jus tmake it great

I'll send swap partners out next week. If anyone has a good way to do that efficiently, please send me an email!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sophisticated Frigidaire

I've committed to working through my stash of vintage buttons. These beauties are a small sampling of the vintage plastic, shell, and Bakelite buttons I've got. They're attached to super strong magnets. They add a certain vintage class to the typical fridge or magnetic board look, no? They're $5 for a tin of 5. If you have specific color requests, I'm happy to try to help you out-- just let me know.


The possibilities really are endless. I made this bracelet out of real yuan's (Chinese currency) as a memento of my trip there. Ephemera lends itself well to these things-- wearing this reminds me of strolling around the Forbidden Palace and Mao's Tomb in Beijing. If you want a special memento like this, shoot me an email-- custom orders are so fun. These can also be made into super strong magnets.

Cause for celebration!

evlove has a new camera-- one that does a great job with close up detail. To celebrate I'm bringing back some of my favorites and introducing some new stuff that shows off the great detail.

Vintage robot earrings-- remember Tron? Yah, the movie was awesome looking, but kind of boring. These robots, ROCK however. They're about 1/2 inch tall. Super adorable. $10/ pair, and come in a mini aluminum tin (perfect for a stocking stuffer). Trust me, when the robots take over the world, you'll be given special treatment if you're rocking a pair of these.

Swap Update

About 50 Swappers have signed up-- located everywhere from Romania to Deluth. It's getting fun. You only have one week left to sign up (see instructions below). I'll be sending out swap partners next week. And hopefully posting some of the killer suggestions for holiday gifts.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Give what you want. Holiday SWAP

I LOVE getting mail and I LOVE getting presents. Especially when they come in the mail. The Holidays and all the madness that goes with them are almost upon us. I can't think of a better pick me up than a surprise in the mail. So here's the details. Come up with a package of stuff you'd like to get this holiday season, and send it to someone else. Gift giving Karma is bound to come your way, as you receive a present in return.

Please feel free to put together a creative package-- if you're crafty, so much the better. Anything is fair game-- $30 is the upper limit, but don't feel like you have to spend that much. Once I have all the swappers I'll create a flickr group where you can post pictures and hopefully links to where you found the presents-- making all of our holiday shopping a little easier, and a little cooler.

The details:
1-email (emilycox at gmail dot com) with SWAP in the subject line. Please email by November 18th (that's 2 weeks)
2- Include your
shipping address:
something you want this holiday season: (include link if you've got it)
your url for blog/ flickr/ web page if you've got it.
**indicate if you'd be willing to have an international swap partner
3-Put together a package of stuff you'd be delighted to be receiving.
4- Wrap it up real nice
5- By December 1 ship out a present to your swap buddy I assign. Value of gifts should be below $30. Please include stuff you'd really enjoy receiving.
6- Mailbox Bliss awaits.

Photo from Martha Stewart Online

long overdue

Special thanks to Ali and the ladies at Your Heart Out who did this nice piece on my favorite spot. I know most of you think of bracelets as the main creative output of evlove, but in truth my favorite things I make are ephemera boxes. Check out this one here, and of course the one featured on Your Heart Out.