Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Old Stuff

Is always better than new stuff. Discuss amongst yourselves.
* found amongst all kinds of older wonders here. (click on picture for specific info)

Sunday, March 16, 2008


$1000.. but so beautiful. She's amazing.

Whether or not

You'll be voting for the man, you've got to give it up for Shepard Fairey's campaign posters. I have a very soft spot for propaganda art, and it doesn't get any better than these. You can buy your "Change" poster here.


Found this in a copy of Wallpaper. The copy on this ad unbelievably awesome. The most significant development in the world? Really? I might have voted for the Polio Vaccine or Tivo. Nope, apparently it is in fact a pricey condo. Online, they've changed the wording to "most significant residential development"view the site with sound ON).


She had it. I've been going to a lot of films at the Stanford Theatre lately. So many reasons to love them. Mainly because of how well dressed all the ladies are. Sigh. Oh, and the $1.50 sodas.

Sweetness is my weakness

Especially when it comes in an adorable package. After eying these at the check out for the last month I finally swallowed the $3.49 price tage, and bought these little guys. Spicy Freshness is MINE!

In the mail..

Much as I adore the world wide web, I have to say I still enjoy getting a few catalogues in the m (I have canceled most of the ones that used to come in an attempt to save trees and money). The reason I love the physical catalogue is that I think it's a lot easier to get a sense of the products, especially when they are well merchandised. For example, I like Cath Kidston (though it's not really my style), but I LOVE these two spreads from the Spring 2008 catalogue. They make me think about her line in a different way. That skirt! The sewing box!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lost Boys?

I fell in LOVE with this little guy. He was hustling at the Chris Johanson opening at Jack Hanley on Saturday night. The show was amazing-- Chris had installed all kinds of fake walls and low beams in the gallery. It made it feel like you were crawling around a kid's fort. Probably why the kiddy ink artist was there. I asked him to show me some of his work-- he had B-I-K-E across his knuckles. Ahh... The sign read “ Skull & Crossbones Tattoos Here! 50 cents per tattoo! Cheap!”**** I did take a photo where you could read the sign.. but I liked this one, w/ the focus on his face, more.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Ali got me started thinking about little pieces of my pad that I love. Living in a small space with a roommate means that there are a lot of compromises. But here are a few spots I love just the way they are.

The first is on the bathroom counter where a girlie side of me I didn't know I had has come out. The pink jar is from Target, the blue from anthropologie, and the white from the Alameda Flea market.
This is a postcard made by my friend Casey Jex Smith specifically for this frame. He mailed it to my work address-- getting it was one of the best days working for the man ever! I got the deer at a flea market in Moscow, and the bird is an antique toy my mom found.

So Not PC.....

but also but adorable. I took a break from working hard to drop by the flea market. Found these invitations-- I can't wait to use them.

Spring has Sprung!

20 daffodils in a vintage vase I picked up at the charity shop.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Get thee hence!

This time of year is hard. Hard because of the bounty of delicious sugary goodness. The only way to be healthy is to avoid all grocery stores and strictly ration all these gems. I'll just admit. I'm a failure on both those counts.

Exhibit A
Sugar in its purest, most delicious form. There are two types of people in the world. Those who get it. And haters.

Exhibit B
One gram of fat (almost) per piece. So good. So very, very, very good. good. good. good. I am utterly powerless to resist these.

Exhibit C
How can something that seems so wrong be so right? Proof positive that the UK is more civilized than the US? Cross the pond these gems are available year round. And, they don't seem to be shrinking in size over there.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

wish i was a baller..

Not really. But I do wish that I was a better photographer. That same same dim/dark mobile pictured last month looks so much better in her photographs. So glad it got a good home, AND that she likes it! For inspirational mobiles see this flickr set. More of my contribution here. I have to say, I'm kinda proud of the little guy. Special thanks to Molly A. who supplied me with vintage ric rac many years ago.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

5 Year Plan

that has nothing to do with my obsession with all things Soviet! My sister's father in law (a very nice man) bought this for me at the SF MoMa recently. It's a 5 year diary. I love that it's just a few sentences every day, and that every year you can see what you were doing on that very day in previous years. You can buy one here. Bueno, no? (practicing my Spanish for upcoming adventures.....)

Lost Youth

I keep buying back pieces of it. Latest acquisition-- the shoes of the endless tropic summers of my childhood: Salt-water sandals. True, Dandelion Wine mentions a different kind of summer shoes, but these will always be it for me. My mom liked them because they stayed on, were indestructible, and didn't deform our feet like flip flops did. I like them because they're simple, but comfortable. I got them in the slightly shimmery champagne color. I'm also considering black or red-- though we always had navy blue when I was growing up. This site has them at a great price. Thoughts?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Things I LOVE about home 2

One of my many jobs in college was to help track down the art for this book. You can even see me thanked in the acknowledgments if you look. Needless to say, I'm a fan of Minerva Teichert's art, and really of her life. I love the idea of a woman in desolate Cokeville , Wy (where I have been many times, and thus feel ok about calling it desolate) making beautiful, big paintings in her living room.

When I was home I finally got around to checking out this exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art. I loved it. Should you be in Utah before the end of May make sure to check it out. This is my favroite piece in the exhibit. Found the image (which doesn't do it justice) here.

Oh, and if anyone is feeling generous, I'd love a copy of this.

Things I lLOVE about home 1

****BESIDES my friends and family****

Chocolate chocolate donuts. Those in the know get this one-- I almost feel like loving these makes you part of a secret cult. Available only at convenience stores in Utah, these little vices are worth every calorie. Really. I'm not a donut person normally, but these are amazing. And the fact that in civilized states there are drive through convenience stores where nice ladies will hand you one of these gems along with a delicious 79 cent fountain soda almost makes me tear up with home state pride. Even Nate S. (aka super food snob) was so smitten by these that he tracked down the original source and took a factory tour. Sorry for the lack of pix (none survived long enough for a shoot), but let's just say "you'll know them when you see them". In lieu of the actual chocolate chocolate donut, I present one of my favorite childhood reads: Homer Price