Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This packaging is so amazing. Although it almost defies interpretation, I'll just point out the following. The dude on the front is living the dude-iest of all dude dreams: having hot girls in swimsuits help use his water balloon launcher. Don't worry, apparently, this is a socially conscious enterprise involving handicapped assemblers (?!)

Emotion in Print

I have a collection of Asian stationary that is, well, awesome. This is my current favorite. Reserved for people who I really reely miss. I like that chairs are used to convey the message, "I am out of my mind with loneliness. Stay with me".

Nifty, thrifty?

I stumbled on these and immediately fell for them. Hard. But I wasn't a fan of the price.

So I turned to Darlybird (who first got me hooked on vintage floral studs-- I own 4 different styles of hers). And though she had many beautiful ones, none were the ONES. After attempts to get thrifty and crafty on ebay failed, I turned to esty. This search yielded these, and these, and most importantly the identical twins to the ONES these, and I bought them all. With shipping I got them all for less than the cost of the original. I love the world wide web!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

my, what good looking garbage you have!

Loved this installation at the Headland's Center for the Arts a few weeks back. I apologize, but I didn't catch the artist's name, but it's one of these fine folks. I was there to see some of Casey Jex Smith's latest work.

mobile swap

An unwritten new year's goal of mine is to use many of the art supplies that I've stashed for the last decade or so. Ric Rac and pretty paper went toward my mobile for this swap. You can see the pix of the killer mobile I received here.

this school IS cool

I love all the great speakers I get to see. This week Ron Howard was here to screen his forthcoming film, "Frost/Nixon". Which was really interesting. Even better in the Q&A Ron asked ME a question. Yes, Opie himself. And, yes, I think I DID change the ending.

dada! (or surrealism)

depending on what camp you're in. I love etsy's home page and all the clever groupings they do. This one of Magritte-inspired goods made me smile today.


I am in la-la-love with these. Despite my highly developed scheming ability I can't justify them. Yet. Thanks for point them out poppytalk!

to bag or not to bag?

I have, ahem, a lot of bags. I bought this one at Target the other day. Do I need it? No! Do I need it? Maybe. Jordan posted on its sister bag here, but I think I'm partial to the geometric trees. Thoughts?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i love baby blue

but I've deputized some friends to stop me before I go this far. These people are Quir-kee! Since Stephin Merritt makes some of my favorite music, I'll allow him all the quirks he wants. Though I'm trying not to take his new song personally.
* such a fun surprise to find this article on one of my favorite blogs this morning

My Friends are Awesome 2:

Big Al was out for the Tour of California. She rode in the women's race and did awesome. I also like how this picture of her taking a picture of me on the trolley car in San Francisco turned out.

My Friends are Awesome: 1

Sometimes when you have a bad haircut, of which the best part is a joke.....
You have very nice friends who send you hot hats from NYC to make you feel better:


Love the anchors and ropes. Something about nautical themes just make me FEEL like it's spring. The orange and yellow scheme is extra awesome. Best part, finally checked out my local flea market, so this beauty only cost me $2.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Calorie Free

True. Every thirty-something career woman seems to have started a cupcake bakery in the last few years. Despite their ubiquity I still love them-- for eating and looking. Love the doily as the canvas for these little paintings. Very Thiebaud-esque, no?

It ain't easy being green....

I think it's hilarious that you can buy a humungo bag of all green M&M's. I like green as an alternative to all the red this time of year. Plus, these bags are big enough to put anyone in the mood!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sexy Librarian...

What can I say? I love books, I love libraries, I love nerds. It's natural they should all finally come together. Not sure on the pricing for these guys yet, so email me if you're interested. Happy Valentine's! xxxo

20,000 leagues

I'm very pleased with how this candid of my friend A-mandy turned out. I showed everyone my "secret" spot at the aquarium, and this was the result

Happy New Year!

Behold the RAT!! I have embraced the year of the rat with this little rat tail. I hate to have to tell you but this style is SO coming back.
Rat FAQ's:
1- Yes, this WAS deliberate
2- Yes, this is temporary. VERY temporary
3- The little guy is approximately 5 inches long (and growing!)
4- Is it sexy? You tell me...
5- Yes, I AM working on getting a better picture. For posterity