Sunday, July 27, 2008


Jello-Fest '08 was a lot of fun. People came up with the most amazing things. Some were really tasty, some were beautiful, all were great. You can see all the pictures here. A few examples.
Claire made her own cookie cutters for the Western United States:Derek cast his own face:
Karisa and McKay made hands out of almond Jello (so creepy, but genius):
Kai dug out his grandma's recipe:and I managed a beehive:
Start plotting for next year-- I think this one is going annual. I've been looking for something to replace Curry fest, and Jello fest looks like it'll do the trick


Anne said...

Your party was so fun! I already have my idea for next year.

lane said...

Ah! You really have taken it up a notch from the old Jell-o party days. I still brag about the rainbow mold, although you have since far surpassed my jello skillz.

No more curry fest? Ah, that pains my heart. I like to think that curry fest lives on and on and on...

amanda said...

emily, i miss your curry fests. i only managed to go to 2 ever, but they were 2 of the most memorable food fests i've ever been to.