Monday, June 02, 2008

Style Idol

After a no good day I turned on the TV and found a new place to crib style tips: The Mary Tyler Moore show. She totally had the hot secretary thing going on. The high waited jeans, crisp dresses, sweater vests and so many other details seem so current. I haven't been able to find a source of images of her outfits, but watch the show.


Molly said...

Crazy because I NEVER see the Mary Tyler Moore show, but I saw part of an episode last night. And I thought: Wow, I really like her dress!

bex said...

don't worry - i own the first 2 seasons on DVD right now. You can come over and watch for fashion tips all the time. She really rocks the polyester. Mary Tyler Moore is pretty much my favorite.

emily said...

bex.. of course you do. I should mention that you are real life fashion idol.. MTM is tv idol.