Sunday, June 15, 2008


I love cooking. I hate grocery shopping. In an attempt to help make the mundane become exciting I've come up with a new challenge. The challenge is this: do your weekly grocery shopping entirely at an ethnic grocery. If you try it out, let us know the results.

For my first round I chose India Cash and Carry because it was next door to where I got my eyebrows threaded. Also, the mangos out front looked good. I could have spent an hour on the spice aisle alone- everything was lablelled in English, which made it pretty easy. Best buy: a humongous bunch of mint for 25 cents. Also, I bought Mango Lasse in by the 1/2 gallon. There is an entire section for naan. Dreamy. I got one mystery item (so much pretty packaging to choose from) which turned out to be some kind of incense (I think). Grocery shopping was way more fun this way. Next up: Mercado!

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