Monday, June 09, 2008

Something's Hiding There

Re-united... and it feel SO good. Facebook. I am currently loving it (as opposed to the times when I hate it). Just yesterday it reunited me with my friend from Italy study abroad, Lynne. Lynne has this great blog, where I saw this amazing project, which was featured today on Design Sponge. So yes, I knew her way back when. I love the little details on this. I can't wait to have stairs because I'm so doing this.


lynne said...

Emily! I love facebook too. But I am a nerd and only found out about it like a week ago. I am apparently in a technological dead zone, still excited about the advent of the dvd.

can't wait to come see you in palo alto!

Holliann said...

Okay, so I think I might be the only person in which Facebook is a toss up - I love that I found you, after wondering for 11 years what you were up to...but...I don't know...I am so private...I can't decide! It stresses me out to decide, so for now I will Facebook!