Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sounds of Summer

I just made myself a summer mix. The songs all have the beat or mood of a perfect summer day-- you know, sorta poppy, sorta langorous. My mix has over 50 songs on it. But here's a shorter mix for you. I'm having trouble w/ the file format on muxtape (anyone mastered it?). In the meantime, find some of these and enjoy!

The Year Of Living Languorously The Lucksmiths
Slipping Under The Radar Tobias Fröberg
There Is No Ending Arab Strap
The Opposite Of Hallelujah Jens Lekman
This Must Be the Place Talking Heads
1983 The Incredible Moses Leroy
Parentheses The Blow
Get me away from here I'm dyeing Belle and Sebastian
Retreat from the Sun that dog
If We Can Land a Man on the Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart Beulah
Song For Marion Brown Superchunk
Loro Pinback
Everything You've Done Wrong Sloan
It's Wrong To Love Holiday
Superboy & Supergirl Tullycraft
Blowin' Bubbles Call And Response
The Shining Badly Drawn Boy
Elevator Love Letter Stars
Now Mates Of State

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