Sunday, August 24, 2008

Photo Pass Weekend

I got a special pass to take pix and borrowed a friend's professional camera go to the Outside Lands Festival in Golden Gate Park this weekend. The music was great, the weather was surprisingly good, and people were wearing the most amazing things. I have a billion more pictures you can see here. My favorites are below. Oh, and special thanks to Rebecca for scooting me all over the city and park and to Adam, for letting me use the super sweetest camera.


Babbi's World said...

great pics, love people watching

bex said...

such a good weekend! the Liars! That guy's sweet mullethawk with the cigarette tucked behind his ears! for a non-professional photographer, you took some really professional pics, lady.

lane said...

WOW Em!! These are some amazing pictures, seriously. Methinks you have an artist's eye and a journalist's timing.