Sunday, August 17, 2008

Light, the House

After years of dreaming and schemeing, we finally made it happen: group sleepover at the Pigeon Point Light House Hostel. Some of the best things were not documented: hot tub on a cliff overlooking the ocean, stoner/surfer caretaker, etc. Things I did manage to immortalize include:

The lighthouse in all its glory.
The awesome garbage can graphics.
Haters: not welcomeThis hostel is not for wimps.We went to the baby goat cheese farm and gorged ourselves. I learned some new and confusing info at the Pescadero Art and Fun Fair


Rachel said...

hilarious. when's your sacto sleepover coming up? i bet it'll garner some great photos, too. ;)

lane said...

Ah--you finally made it happen! How many times have we driven by and pondered what wonders were held within the hostel lighthouse. I have to say, the cliffside hot tub surpasses my wildest expectations (or my expectations for any hostel, really).

Hope that Duarte's also fulfilled your wildest Olallaberry dreams.