Monday, May 05, 2008

May 5th

Today is an allegedly Mexican holiday which I'm pretty sure only people in the US celebrate. However, since I love all things Mexican (really) I think it's worth celebrating. In addition to gorging myself on some delicious tacos and enchiladas, I made small versions of this lime cream cheese pound cake (citrus = Mexican, sorta, no?). I also recommend this salad-- though it lacks queso, it is truly amazing.
On a recent trip to Mexico, I realized how pathetic my Spanish is (which I feel mainly ok about, since I've never actually taken a class). However, I soon realized, that knowing a few key phrases and adding "corazón" (heart!) to them pretty much got me everything I wanted there. This somewhat novel (controversial?) notion of the Spanish language was re-enforced a few days ago, when I was listening to the radio and hear the greatest song. Imagine a Rod Stewart type voice saying "Donde sta corazón?!!!" with a lot of pain in it. Then children pick up the refrain, back and forth. It pretty much changed my life-- am working on getting a copy of the song, will keep you posted.

My quest to find my corazón led to the discovery of some killer Mexican handicrafts like these. I think I like them because my heart really does spontaneously erupt into flames occasionally. Special thanks to my travel mates who were supportive and patient with the shopping portion of my quest for corazón.
Bottom line, I hope that on this day all of you find your fill of Mexican food and also your own special corazóns.

P.S. This is the best Corazon picture, but I can't seem to get it to post-- do look at it though.


Alice said...

The lime lb cake looks good! I'll have to make it.

Olivia said...

tienes mi corazon, corazon.

lane said...

I heart your corazons! If you had taken Spanish class in high school, you would've heard (endured?) more of that kind of music. You know that either of the Iglesiases are likely culprits, right?

{alison alfandre} said...

love the hearts too, emily.