Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I am obsessed with convenience stores. Typically ones in other countries have the most mysterious things, but I recently realized that Idaho also has some true gems. I present you with three:

I've actually eaten these. They are chocolate, marshmallow, and coconut, and so are obviously good.
I want to meet the creative GENIUS who had the vision to know that what sunflower seeds lacked was artificial dill pickle flavoring. I did not taste these.

I don't want to get all racialist on you, but, am I allowed to start saying "TJ mama" in lieu of "hot mama"? Again, with the pickling!


Alice said...

We love going to the grocery store whenever we visit a new country. Jared always picks out the most interesting cookies or candy.

Holliann said...

You can't go wrong with something with Tijuana in it's name.