Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day meets Spring Cleaning

Recycling is good for you, me, and the earth. The problem I sometimes face is that I truly love a lot of the cool stuff I have, and fear that if I donate it, it may not be as beloved in someone else's home. This fear, as you might imagine, means I have more treasures than a small, shared apartment can hold. Solution? Swap time!

Spring cleaning swap: The idea is that you need to free up some space, but which cool treasure to get rid of? Hopefully sending it off to the loving embrace of a fellow swapper will ease the pain, create some extra space, and let you anticipate getting mail from a stranger. Even better is the fact that swapping that stuff is a form of recycling.

The nitty gritty:
1- Select a treasure to be treasured by someone else.
2- shoot me an email at emilycox at gmail dot com with the subject line: Spring Cleaning Swap and please include
a) your name
b) your mailing address
c) your email
d) something about treasures you could make room for
e) what you hate to clean the very most
f) indicate if you are ok with an international partner
e) your blog or flickr url (not required but nice)
3- do this by may 3
4- you'll get your swap assignment
5- send off your treasure and eagerly await yours by the may 12

Who says you can't kill 5 birds with one stone?

Picture from Real Simple


lane said...

This is an ingenious swap--you don't have to buy anything, and do something good for yourself and someone else. Brilliant.

karisa said...

This is perfect for me! But terrible for my timing... McKay and I in the middle of packing for our big move and everything is in boxes. Too bad! If I could even find my things I'd surely swap them.

Brilliant idea Emily. Brilliant.