Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day: Giving to your Mom

For Mother's day this year I've decided to give my mom something that will help Mother Earth. I've settled on reusable shopping bags-- something I've been working on being better about myself. After hearing my idea my friend Amanda hunted down all these great options. I actually think the best strategy is to get a couple of different kinds of bags-- some really sturdy ones for things like milk and detergent, and a couple of small portable ones, to keep in her purse for smaller purchases.

If any of you have sources for great reusable shopping bags, I'd love to hear them. Any other great earth friendly Mother's day gifts? I think my Earth day gift to myself will be one of these bottles-- bottled water is so bourgeoise, and bad for the environment.

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Alice said...

Hey those Sigg bottles are Swiss and yes I have one. I want to start a revolution against plastic water bottles. How do we start?