Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day: Get Involved

The most innovative environmental organization I know of is Seacology, based in Berkeley, CA. It was started by my father in order to provide a way for indigenous people to build things like schools, hospitals and water supplies without resorting to destroying their environment to raise the money. Seacology has won all kinds of awards for the creative way in which it respects the ability of indigenous cultures to take care of the environment, while at the same time improving their opportunities for and access to health care and education. The business model for Seacology is also unique in that every cent of every dollar you donate will to a project-- not to any kind of administrative overhead.

If you're looking into a way to celebrate Earth Day, take a look at Seacology's projects. Maybe even donate a little money-- it's one way in which even the smallest donation make a big difference.

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Mary said...

I secretly quoted dad and seacology in one of my development papers. Well, it wasn't "secret"-- I put P. Cox in the reference section but I made sure not mention that I had personal experience with it or to tell anyone I was quoting my father. Heh heh. I think a couple people found out afterwards but that's alright. I was just a little frustrated because a lot of the development theories argue that economic growth and environmental sustainability cannot occur simultaneously. Seacology is a nice little counter-example to this.