Sunday, March 09, 2008


Ali got me started thinking about little pieces of my pad that I love. Living in a small space with a roommate means that there are a lot of compromises. But here are a few spots I love just the way they are.

The first is on the bathroom counter where a girlie side of me I didn't know I had has come out. The pink jar is from Target, the blue from anthropologie, and the white from the Alameda Flea market.
This is a postcard made by my friend Casey Jex Smith specifically for this frame. He mailed it to my work address-- getting it was one of the best days working for the man ever! I got the deer at a flea market in Moscow, and the bird is an antique toy my mom found.


Olivia said...

why do i have no innate sense of style? why? why am i destined to live in a white-walled house filled with plastic lawn/pool furniture and thomas kincaid prints on the walls? WHY??? please help me emily.

lane said...

I love that hobnail jar! This seems to mesh your inner grandma/hidden girlie-girl well.

I still try to imitate your "bookshelf o'fun" with weird knicknacks and conversation pieces. I do have an etch-a-sketch, but I don't think my bookshelf will ever be as good as yours. Esp. because I don't have the skeleton/embryo toy--grossly awesome :)