Sunday, March 02, 2008

Things I lLOVE about home 1

****BESIDES my friends and family****

Chocolate chocolate donuts. Those in the know get this one-- I almost feel like loving these makes you part of a secret cult. Available only at convenience stores in Utah, these little vices are worth every calorie. Really. I'm not a donut person normally, but these are amazing. And the fact that in civilized states there are drive through convenience stores where nice ladies will hand you one of these gems along with a delicious 79 cent fountain soda almost makes me tear up with home state pride. Even Nate S. (aka super food snob) was so smitten by these that he tracked down the original source and took a factory tour. Sorry for the lack of pix (none survived long enough for a shoot), but let's just say "you'll know them when you see them". In lieu of the actual chocolate chocolate donut, I present one of my favorite childhood reads: Homer Price


lane said...

The chocolate-chocolate! The best reason to go to 7-11 (even better, I think, than slurpee).

My mom knows the name of the bakery that makes these! I'll see if I can get her to remind me. She says they used to be sold in grocery stores all over Utah before the big national chains moved in.

emily said...

Oh.. should have made more clear.. if you click on the link after Nate S. It takes you to Dunford Bakery.. home of the BEST DONUT EVER

Mary said...

Oh Homer Price! I haven't read or even thought of that book for years. I wish I could have got a chocolate chocolate with you.