Thursday, November 29, 2007

Swap Update

Over 90 of you (strangers, loved ones, all!) should have received your swap assignments from me.. I sent them out a week ago. But, since it was a manual process, there have been a few errors. If you didn't receive an assignment, please let me know, and I'll dig yours up.

Also, please ship your assignment by Monday at latest (that's a few extra days). I'll try to post some of the excellent gift ideas over the weekend, to aid in you holiday shopping. Finally, look for a flickr group to posts pix of your swap packages in soon.


Tina said...

Aw, bummer! I'm a day (or two) late... I LOVE swaps and just sent off a package for one last week. :")
I saw your featured button/earring/bead tree on Your Heart out and loved it, so I had to stop by and see what else you've got here. Very cute stuff! I love it. :D I'll definitely be stopping by again soon and thanks for sharing! Maybe I can hop in on another swap in the future, should there be one. :)

Kristin said...

has anyone received their swap yet?