Sunday, November 04, 2007

Give what you want. Holiday SWAP

I LOVE getting mail and I LOVE getting presents. Especially when they come in the mail. The Holidays and all the madness that goes with them are almost upon us. I can't think of a better pick me up than a surprise in the mail. So here's the details. Come up with a package of stuff you'd like to get this holiday season, and send it to someone else. Gift giving Karma is bound to come your way, as you receive a present in return.

Please feel free to put together a creative package-- if you're crafty, so much the better. Anything is fair game-- $30 is the upper limit, but don't feel like you have to spend that much. Once I have all the swappers I'll create a flickr group where you can post pictures and hopefully links to where you found the presents-- making all of our holiday shopping a little easier, and a little cooler.

The details:
1-email (emilycox at gmail dot com) with SWAP in the subject line. Please email by November 18th (that's 2 weeks)
2- Include your
shipping address:
something you want this holiday season: (include link if you've got it)
your url for blog/ flickr/ web page if you've got it.
**indicate if you'd be willing to have an international swap partner
3-Put together a package of stuff you'd be delighted to be receiving.
4- Wrap it up real nice
5- By December 1 ship out a present to your swap buddy I assign. Value of gifts should be below $30. Please include stuff you'd really enjoy receiving.
6- Mailbox Bliss awaits.

Photo from Martha Stewart Online


Olivia said...

I'm 'onna do it!

Mary said...

I'm in London. Can I still do it? Is that too far away?

lane said...

Awesome! I love presents.

jamieanne said...


Carpenters said...

This sounds fun..Count me in...

Mary said...

Are the presents something we make or something we buy? Sounds like fun!

ali said...

Count me in, too! (Sorry I haven't sent the e-mail yet; I haven't thought of something I want for Christmas yet....)

april said...

this sounds like so much fun I can't wait!