Thursday, November 29, 2007

Check it out!

My former roommate and dear friend Katie Brown (now DuRocher) is in this month's Real Simple Magazine. They have a full page on her conversion to Mormonism. I think she does a great job describing an extremely personal process. Katie's always been an inspiration in so many ways-- glad that the rest of the world gets to know her too.


angie said...

i just love our katie!

lane said...

Yay Katie! I thought she did a great job representing. It's a tough job.

Leslie said...

hi! linked over here from caitlin's blog but am a friend of angie's from college. thanks for posting this lovely article.

and it just so happens that i have one of your "woody" bracelets. my friend won it on Design Mom and gifted it to me. same, right?

i wear it all the time! :)