Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Sweet Love

I really like Valentines Day-- mainly because there's so many people I love in this world, and it's always nice to get to tell them so. A few things that I'm especially loving today:

Heart Shaped Boiled Egg (all natural!!) from Anna the Red

Heart Shaped Umbrella (found via fieldguided)

My Roomy sent me these-- so cute!

I love this. So. Much.

This book is amazing. Olivia gave me a copy a few years back, and I treasure it. Make sure to read this story by Mark Twain. The line " Wheresoever she was, THERE was Eden" gets me every time.

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

My heart BEETS only for you. You know who you are.
Also, I find safety gear and technology incredibly sexy. Don't you?
Happy Valentine's Day. I love you all

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