Tuesday, November 23, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

baby blue, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, music, lemon drops, fresh flowers, fun with friends, packages in the mail, hot chocolate... I could go on and on. After watching Oprah's final favorite things, I kind of wished I could pull an Oprah-- and give all of my friends a big surprise full of all the things I love.

Alas, and alack, I lack Oprah's means. So for now, I won't do it.. but I did decide to host a "Favorite Things Swap". So.. here's how it works. Send me an email (emilycox at gmail) with the subject line"favorite things". Include your name, email, mailing address and your url if you have one by Dec.1. I'll assign you a swap partner. Send them a package with one of your favorite things in it. Think $20 range, though homemade is even better. So pick out your favorite eye shadow, hot chocolate, lip balm, pulp fiction, pencils, wrap them up pretty, and drop them in the mail by Dec. 10. Fun way to start the holidays. No?
*picture from Rue Magazine. Full of pretty things---check it out.

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ali said...

Em, I am no fun. We're moving, Curtis is graduating, and also, we're living off the very last of our student loans. Please think of me next year! We'll have income, and I tend to get better with income. :)

Miss you.