Sunday, November 07, 2010

Craft Lately

Been busy realizing an entire world made out of only my favorite color. I spray painted this $2 broken plate. Much better now, right?
I realized my dream terrarium. Ingredients = darling boyfriend who bought me this giant vase, air plants from this AWESOME etsy seller, paint from Lowe's mixed to my favorite color, river rocks, 10 lbs of aquarium sand, fluorescent pink thread, and a small touch of OCD (required for fishing dropped stuff out of terrarium with chopsticks).

Stopped by the farmer's market to get ingredients for a soup from the Ad Hoc cookbook.

Note: I did not dye the soup blue.


Becca said...


Liz Galvin said...

The cake stand looks great!

bex said...

that paint covers that crack right up! (i think i remember you buying that plate ... ) Do you coat it with something so that you can still serve food on it?