Monday, November 03, 2008


Went as Eagle vs. Shark (clearly I was the scariest animal there is, and you can't even see my tallons). Thanks to Rebecca for the great idea and inspiration. Although only maybe two other people on the planet have seen that movie, we did run into another Eagle vs. Shark on the street at the end of the night. We were way fiercer.


hOLLIANN said... are the hottest eagle I have ever seen! I love it!

lane said...

awesome costumes...I wouldn't expect any less. I hope you challenged the other couple to a duel for Eagle vs. Shark VS. Eagle vs. Shark.

{Liz Galvin} said...

Awesome costume. More than one person recommended that I go as a "bald" eagle whn they heard that Liz and June were going as birds. I wouldn't have been as awesome a blad eagle as you though.

Emilia Jane said...

Oh my god! This is what I wanted to be for Halloween! I was going to do it next year. That's rad.