Monday, September 15, 2008


David Foster Wallace died last weekend. He was a great writer. I think everyone should read his first essay in Consider the Lobster. It highlights (in a very funny way) how bad and destructive the porn industry is. I am sad he is gone.


lj said...

keith and i are pretty devastated. he was one of our favorite writers and we were able to attend 3 of his readings while we were in cambridge, and met and talked (briefly) with him.
my favorite collection is "a supposedly fun thing i'll never again." he's one of the few writers who could actually make me laugh out loud.

lane said...

Ah, so sad. Like I told you, I can't believe I will never read anything new from him again.

I loved his brain, so sad it caused him a lot of pain. "A Supposedly Fun Thing" is one of those things I've read 100x and never ever get tired of.

m l e said...

Lindy and Lane, I've never read "a supposedly funny thing" so just bought it. thanks! I always appreciate your reading recommendations. Lindy, you told me to read Consider the Lobster a few years ago, so thanks.