Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pack Rat

I always try to pack lightly, but it seems like I always fail. I check out tips like these but it seems like it never all quite fits. Cute jeans, a skirt, a dress, a sweater, a cute top or two, flats, toiletries.. etc. it just seems to expand. Have you guys got any good tips for looking put together on the road, but not bringing the kitchen sink with you?*Have been lusting after this Samsonite Black Label suitcase for ages.


Mary said...

Dude, just be like me. I'm the greatest example of carry-on-only traveler you could hope for.

m l e said...

um.. mary.. that "strategy" only works if you have two sisters (or sherpas with your general fashion sense and size) traveling with you to mooch clothes off of

hOLLIANN said...

I love your sister mary because she started her sentence with Dude. My family teases me about doing that...she is definitely good people!