Monday, May 30, 2011

Sharing the love

Thanks to everyone who recommended Angelina's for hot chocolate. It really was a-mazing. I wanted to buy some hot chocolate but got flustered as they were closing. I ended up with a *large* bag. And also some of their stickers.
So, I bought a few containers at the grocery, and made a paper funnel and...
voila! Hot chocolate for two *
*hopefully you'll still appreciate them even after I've destroyed the mystery with this post.


Mary said...

Emily, hot chocolate is best for sharing and those will make fantastic gifts.

I'm slighly confused about the paper filter, and about the way the chocolate in your pictures look. I was at Angelina's last week and bought (quickly, they were almost closing when I was there as well) a bottle of hot chocolate to give dad. It looks like moist and solid chocolate inside of its glass bottle, and as much as I would love a sampling, I don't think I can open this up and still save some for dad as it might go bad. I am wondering what the difference is between your Angelina's take home hot chocolate and mine, and whether that paper filter has something to do with it. I'm also wondering if/how I can drink some of this and still have enough to share later without it being completely obvious.

Love you.

m-l-e said...

Mary-- you win a prize for longest ever comment on the blog. Paper filter has nothing to do with it. There were two options available at Angelinas- the bottled chocolate (with the liquid added). Or the bagged chocolate-- which is what I got. I need to add the liquid when I want to drink it.