Monday, October 04, 2010

Happiness Project

I've always thought that I'm a really happy person. But a week or so it finally hit me that I've moved far away from all my friends and loved ones. I have to admit to a bout of feeling sad and wallowing in the loneliness. I started thinking of ways to attack the loneliness, or maybe just pre-empt it. This last weekend, I had a very good talk about this with someone I really respect who pointed out I haven't been acting all that happy for the last few months. I resolved that I HAD to be happier-- mainly return to the old me (pre- rough year of big changes and too much stress, back to when I was surrounded by all the people I love in CA). So, here is my plan of attack. I'd love to hear your ideas, suggestions, what you do etc. Oh, and yes, be prepared toanswer those phone calls and emails from me!
  • always have a good book to readref=sib_dp_pt.jpg
  • work out every day
  • Do 1 project a week
  • start a seattle activity club
  • call 1 friend a day
  • always have fresh flowers in the house
  • cook more
  • read scriptures/ conference talks.. work on spirituality
  • be less critical of people
  • reach out to other people MORE
  • work on making new friends in Seattle
  • Be productive at work
  • Get enough sleep (Thanks for reminding me of that, Erika)

**True, that title isn't mine-- this book (which is on me to-read list, and which gets great reviews, along with its blog) came up with it.


Becca said...

I hope I get to be on your phone call list. Way to be pro-active and what a great list!

Alice said...

Those all sounds like great ideas. I know the 2 things that really make me happy and shift my mood to up is exercise and coooking. Jared always notices that I'm happier when I'm cooking, especially since the painting has been on hold for a while. Everyone needs a creative outlet.

Erika said...

I love your list. I need to implement it too. The only thing I'd add for me is to get enough sleep. Still working on that. Call me!

Oh, and if it would help the cause, I'm happy to come visit. :)

LJ said...

okay, so this is bizarre--but all of your posts for the past two months just popped up in my google reader. i'm like "wow. emily posted 24x today? Whaa?" So, this is just to say that:
1. I'm now officially got up on your lovely blog.
2. I read the Happiness Project and your list pretty much distills the advice in the book.
3. The thing that makes me happiest is being/talking with the ones I love, so I definitely think you're on the right track with the phone call thing.
4. Thanks for g-chatting me today.
Love you!