Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For Science

After many years of plotting, I finally threw a taste testing party. In honor of Rebecca and Derek's wedding I felt some R&D was in order. The theme was Love: The Grand Experiment. It was a lot of work, but came together thanks to lots of help from everyone. Jordan designed the awesome invites. I borrowed beakers and lab coats from various friends. Many of Rebecca's friends donated her favorite foods as scientific specimens. When guests showed up the were handed a clip board with their evaluation form a custom pencil that said "The Grand Experiment", and some giant nerds. They then went and taste tested samples of things like bacon, ice cream, honey, salsa, pepper mint patties, and cheeses. All for science. Turns out that people like a lot of the store brands after all.

Oh, and Liz, who was super gracious and hosted the event at her house put up a nice post about it here.


jrae said...

e-the party looks BRILLIANT! You are, and ever will be, so cool. loves, jrae

bex said...

this party was the best. after all our time of talking about it, i can't believe you finally made it happen.