Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy New Year!

Behold the RAT!! I have embraced the year of the rat with this little rat tail. I hate to have to tell you but this style is SO coming back.
Rat FAQ's:
1- Yes, this WAS deliberate
2- Yes, this is temporary. VERY temporary
3- The little guy is approximately 5 inches long (and growing!)
4- Is it sexy? You tell me...
5- Yes, I AM working on getting a better picture. For posterity


Mary said...

Emily, I am on a computer with java or whatever blocked up so I can't see the picture. I worry though that you have a rat tail. I hope this is not the case. They are ugly and not sexy and why don't you dye your hair instead?

Mary said...

Oh Emily. I figured out how to enable the photos, and that is you and you do have a rat tail.

Have you killed it yet?

Anonymous Assclown said...

Nah, you can't get the full effect unless you're driving an '85 Camaro

Olivia said...