Friday, June 08, 2007

Win some evlove

Gabby at designmom has an awesome giveaway today featuring small vendors, like evlove! Click here and leave a comment and you get your shot at winning some very awesome stuff. Thanks designmom!


Julie Ann said...

is there somewhere i can purchase one of those amazing wonder woman bracelets? i am a big fan, not obsessed, just a really big fan. i have been collecting WW memorabilia since i was a little girl. please leave me a comment on my post if they are available to buy. thank you!

emily said...

Hi Julie Ann,
Yes!! they are for sale.. follow the instructions on the tool bar.. OR

just shoot me an email and we can begin the process... emily cox at gmail dot com

f*bomb. said...

oooh! Emily! I had no idea you did this, but your patterns are SO. MUCH. FUN!
Nice work!